Wartburg, KZN

# fed daily:

50 +

Requirements: Food, clothes, educational supplies, stationary, cleaning materials, toiletries


Zithuthukise Development Organisation is located in Kogcwabaza Village, in Wartburg KZN,
established to support the most vulnerable children of the community. Their mission is to
provide efficient and effective development services for the children, youth and community as
a whole and to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS.
Today the centre supports and feeds 50 orphans, as well as the vulnerable children of the
child-headed households.
The organisation is committed to providing a supportive social environment, creating
awareness around HIV/AIDS through training workshops and demonstration projects. These
workshops are held throughout the week, and educate the children about household livelihood
support strategies, nutrition, food security, access to basic services and resource
The sad reality is how important these life skills are for child-headed households, with the
breadwinners/caregivers being as young as 13 or 14 years old.
The project is managed by Sambulo Ntombela. She is the project manager and chairperson of
the area committee, a church leader and very active in community development and

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