Inyanda Day Care Centre


Orange Farm

# Children fed daily:


Requirements: Food, educational supplies, toys, clothes

Amount needed:

R2000 / month


Inyanda Day Care Centre was established in 2014 by Tshidiso Mokoena. Their mission is to empower and educate children by focusing on early childhood and holistic skills development.

The day care accommodates 30 children, attended to by 3 dedicated teaching staff.

In April 2020 the centre started a feeding scheme, to ensure that although the school was closed, the children would still receive a hot meal everyday. For most of these children, the only meal they receive in a day is from the centre, and so it was important to keep this going.

Throughout lockdown they continued to not only support their children, but also their families, their teachers and the teachers’ families too. Together with FEED SA they distributed food parcels to the community, and shared their allocation with surrounding ECD Centres too.

Since last year their feeding scheme has grown and although the restrictions have eased, they continue to feed 200 children a day!

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