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Feeding Tummies

Feeding Tummies

No child can be expected to learn and develop to their full potential on an empty stomach.

For many of our beneficiaries, the reality is that the only meal they receive in a day is the one they get at their creche, school or community centre.

Not only is food a fundamental right, the correct kind of food is paramount to both physical and cognitive development. Malnutrition in children is not only caused by food scarcity, but also due to protein and fresh produce being missing from their staple diet.

Our feeding scheme beneficiaries receive their deliveries monthly, ensuring that each and every child receives NOT JUST 1,

We ensure the sustainability of the food handouts by monitoring the funds specifically raised for the feeding programme, attending regular site visits, staying in close contact with the principals and coordinators, and furnishing our donors with monthly reports should they be a requirement.


We also engage with community leaders, who are actively involved in the wellbeing of the people in their areas. Our beneficiaries also receive other supplies on an ad hoc basis, such as first aid and medical supplies, school uniforms, shoes, kitchen appliances, stationary, books, clothes and toys.

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