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Feeding Minds

Feeding Minds

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty so prevalent in South Africa today.

As an organization that has been active in the feeding space for just over 20 years, we have experienced first-hand that simply “feeding” is not enough to make a tangible impact, and that education is the fundamental factor of making a difference in our world.

Just one family member receiving a quality education, can break the cycle of destitution for not just their families, but for the next generation.

Education = Power

We applaud any individual, no matter what their circumstances, who has the willingness and desire to change their own lives, and so we are here to support them along on their journey.

We accept applications for tertiary education, higher education, university, college, as well as accredited courses. We will also assist applicants with entering the work force on completion of your studies

Enterprise Development

Enterprise development helps people earn a living or find a way out of poverty, and leads to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities.

We understand that having a vision for the future, but no means to get started is an obvious road block. We will consider getting involved with not only financial support, but also skills development and resources to set you up for success.

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