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Feeding MindsHearts

Feeding Hearts

Feeding hearts, restoring human dignity, nourishing talent.

We are often so inspired by the people we meet along the way, and have witnessed the impact that nourishing talent in young individuals can change the course of their lives, nourish their souls, and motivate their creativity.

We also see and hear the needs of our communities, who do not have the means to support their own or their families’ disabilities, and so the “FEEDING HEARTS” project was launched.

Early childhood development depends on so many factors, but the needs for artistic and visual stimulation is undeniable.

Some of our contributions

Infrastructure Upgrades

As and when sponsorship becomes available, we do our best to improve the living conditions, safety, and dignity of our beneficiaries.

The creches and day-cares often operate under extremely challenging circumstances, and the need for infrastructure and upgrades is often never ending!

In some cases the upgrades involve fixing leaks, providing electrical and kitchen equipment (stoves, gas, small cooking appliances, fans, heaters etc.).

In other cases we undertake larger improvement projects such as classrooms construction, renovations, ablution installation, and upgrades to outdoor play areas.

The safety of the children is critical, especially in high risk areas of the informal settlements and so not only do we like to install play equipment, we also provide fencing and security upgrades to ensure the children can play safely in an enclosed space.


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